Bitcoin News to start this Sunday

We begin this Sunday with the breaking Bitcoin news. Starting with its price, since BTC has a price of USD 9,203, according to our tool Crypto Online, at the time of writing the article.

This is important given that the market-leading cryptomone currency has had a decreasing variation of -0.65% in the last 24 hours. This is in line with the recent analysis published by one of our analysts. Which suggests that Bitcoin would say goodbye to the 10k in the short term to welcome the 9k.

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Coldplay bassist dives deep into Bitcoin
We continue with the Bitcoin news by discovering another famous person who is interested in the world of cryptomonies. Coldplay’s star bassist, Guy Berryman, is backing the Scottish crypto coin startup, Zumo, which recently launched its new smartphone application.

Scottish Fintech Zumo aims to bring biggest crypto acquisition, riccardo “fluffypony” spagni announced, acquired crypto exchange poloniex, reported that fcoin’s problems, due to upgrade, are now contributing, expected to be ruled on, initial exchange offering, 11 members of congress,, “stop order” trading function to the masses with a new mobile payment wallet. This Fintech is supported by Coldplay’s Guy Berryman among its investors.

Zumo reaches any part of the world

Their platform aims to be as easy to use as the popular Coinbase exchange, but much cheaper and faster. In particular, it also gives users control of their private keys unlike many rival wallets.

To date, the Coldplay star, whose fortune is estimated at $90 million, has not shown any interest in cryptomonics. However, with this endorsement, he seems to be immersed in Bitcoin and the crypts.

Moreover, along with his collection of Bugattis and Porsches, he already owns the favorite car of the crypt coin ecosystem, a Lamborghini.

Nick Jones, CEO and founder of Zumo, said recently: „The Covid-19 has quickly caused a cashless society to move to safe and easy ways to invest in alternatives that are more resistant to crises like this.