Robot company falls victim to ransomware attack

Robot company falls victim to ransomware attack

The ransomware group, REvil, known for holding auctions on the dark web with the data of its victims, is now leaking confidential documents stolen from an American robotics company.

According to a June 11 publication in REvil’s official blog, the group began to leak confidential data belonging to Symbotic LLC. The publication added the following:

„They don’t want to talk to us and probably think we won’t publish their data, we’re already publishing it“

The group of hackers declared that they had created a website and paid for hosting for a year, threatened to make the robotics company’s data public for „a long time“.

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Filtered confidential data
The filtered data includes names of its employees, addresses, social security numbers, salary details, non-compete agreements and more, and the group reportedly requested both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) to cover the ransom payment.

The cyber security research team, Cyble, said the attack may have occurred during the first week of June.

Symbotic LLC was founded in 2007, currently has a workforce of approximately 1,000 employees, developing software and robotic solutions, for supply chain manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

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Ransomware is becoming a „serious problem“
Speaking to Cointelegraph, Brett Callow, a threat analyst at the Emsisoft malware lab, said:

„Ransomware attacks remain a serious problem, and that is because companies continue to pay ransoms, the only way to stop these attacks is to make them unprofitable and that means that companies must improve their security so as not to be in the position where they need to pay ransoms, all too often, attacks are successful only because of poor security, and that must change.

Callow has said that it looks like the ransomware group might be planning not to auction off the robotics company’s data, however, that should not be taken as 100% confirmed, he says that Ethereum Code could act in an unpredictable way at any time.

Cointelegraph recently reported that REvil had assessed confidential data from two US-based law firms.